Buzzing through the Bronx



Second grade student in a Bronx classroom wearing a blue cape with SUPER written in in bright colors with lightning bolts

Last spring the Bronx was buzzing!

CWP 2nd graders at P.S./M.S. 279 Captain Manuel Rivera Jr. School compiled an anthology of their writing and art around the theme of community and citizenship. “I will use what I have learned to be a good citizen and help make my school a better place,” is a statement in the school’s community pledge.

Students wrote short plays after exploring character, setting, conflict, and dialogue with CWP Teaching Artists Amanda Dettman and Morgan Sendek. They wrote their plays, asking, “What do we want the audience to feel?”

Plays include Dangerous Tsunami, The Sisters Who Got Bullied, Jeremy’s Pet Shop has an Earthquake, and A Pond and a Person in Disguise.

Read all of the plays and see the student artwork HERE


A Pond and a Person in Disguise

(Rosie the Cat is singing “Happy Birthday to me…” in a sad voice)

Lyle the Dog: Hi Rosie! Beautiful voice.

Rosie the Cat: Thank you. I’m going to the animal shelter.

Lyle the Dog: Why? Because you need a home?

Rosie the Cat: Yes.

Lyle the Dog: I live there! Let’s go!

(They stop at the zoo along the way and watch) 

Animal Safety Person Jacob: Hi, King Frog. Hi Elephant!

Frog: Hi! Elephant: Hi!

(Frog slips on rock in pond)

A.S.P. Jacob: Hi, I’m Jacob, in charge of animal safety. You probably didn’t recognize me because I’m in disguise. What happened to you frog? Do you need help?

Frog: Yes! I slipped on a rock in the pond and hit my head!

A.S.P. Jacob: Don’t worry! I’m good at my job and I’m going to save you!

(Worker helps but their wig falls off into water)

A.S.P. Jacob: Oh no! My wig fell off!

(Frog climbs up wig)

Frog: I got it! Plus I am saved!

A.S.P. Jacob: Thank you!

Frog: You’re welcome!

A.S.P. Jacob: Go back to your cage…


Second grade student in the Bronx with a large cartoon style lion halloween mask


Second grade student dressing in disguise with large cartoon style holloween mask of a happy rat

Three second-grade students in a Bronx classroom dressed in disguises

Our students also collaborated on eight murals touching on the themes of community, identity, togetherness, empathy, heroism, and service to others.

Colorful painted mural showing a city in the back ground with a biug filed of kids in the foreground with the words Community is peace, quit and loud, it is different people, growing together. It is our love.

Community is Peace
Quiet and Loud
It is Different People
Growing Together
It is Our Love

Colorful painted mural of mountain landscape

From a Towering Mountain
To the Depths of Atlantis,
We are Universally Fantastic
Brains Exploding
From Bravery

Colorful painted mural of a community classroom

Go To The Park Together
And Have Fun
Ride Bikes Home and Make Food
Share Popcorn and Watch Movies…

Colorful childrens mural showing kids working together and helping each other

I Will Help You
If You Need Help

Colorful childrens painted mural ofa fantastical landscape with mythical creature

I Would Like
To Help An Animal
Because If One Gets Lost
I Can Save It

Colorful painted mural by kids showing two people in front of the planet with stars and clouds in the sky

It’s Wild Working
Together With The
Smell of Success in the Room
You Know it’s Teamwork

Colorful painted mural by kids showing the urban and country landscape with happy people

The Ones Who Raised Me
and Smush Danger
Under Their Feet
Los Mas Fuertes Del Mundo

A colorful painted mural of a hospital showing all the rooms where patients are getting well.

Beautiful Hospital
I Want To Solve
World-wide Cancer
So Everyone Can Have Peace
And No One Will Be Sad

Artwork Type

"Where I'm From"

Student poems and self-potraits reflecting on the questions, “What does home mean to us?” “What physical objects, smells, tastes, sounds, or images remind us of home?” “How can we celebrate our memories by expressing them through writing and art?”