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Youth Programs

Interdisciplinary arts-integrated curriculum provides alternative learning strategies for writing and creative expression.

Girl resting her chin on her hands on an open book of poetry she is reading

Community-Word Project creates arts residencies in New York City Title I public schools, public libraries, and community centers, bringing together professional writers and artists to provide youth with unique and stimulating arts-integrated programming.

In accessing alternative learning channels – creative writing, music, visual art, theatre, dance – students discover their personal passions, strengthen their voices, and actively engage in learning.

Poetry and creative writing are central to our programs, and our pedagogy is interdisciplinary to support multimodal instruction and learning and to expose students to a variety of art forms. Students write poems both individually and collectively while also exploring other artistic media as outlets of creative expression. Our aim is to teach the whole child, to help them discover and amplify their unique voices, and to be respected leaders among peers and the community.

Classroom programs are further supported by the addition of Teaching Artist Interns to apprentice with experienced Teaching Artists. The combination of Classroom Teacher, Teaching Artists, and Interns creates a 6:1 student to teacher ratio.

During the 2020-21 academic year, CWP brought residencies to 36 public schools and facilitated more than 40 workshops in NYC Public libraries; trained 156 Teaching Artists, and created art with 2,892 young people.

Young students seen from overhead as they paint a canvas on the floor with the words We Are United

Youth Program Features

Creative Thinking

Students explore their imagination through artistic creations, try new ideas, experience innovative problem solving, refine and revise with new perspectives.

Critical Thinking

Students examine their work and the work of others. They ask questions, transfer knowledge, and make connections as part of their creative and learning processes.


Students become stronger readers, writers and speakers through creative expression.

Emotional Intelligence

Students articulate the emotions of self and others, manage the emotions of self and others, and apply emotions in their learning process.


Students take on leadership roles that display confidence and inspire their peers. Students are culturally aware of the communities they inhabit and are sensitive to the needs of, and differences between, people of different backgrounds.

6:1 Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Teaching Artist interns are assigned to support arts residencies and facilitate group projects, including student anthologies and murals. Combination of Classroom Teacher, two Teaching Artists, and Teaching Artist Interns creates a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

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Community-Word Project currently works with 26 schools across all five boroughs of NYC.

Libraries and Community Partners

Out-of-school programs ensure students continue their creative skills development within their communities.

Special Projects

CWP 2.0 and Writing for Film introduce students to higher education and professional networking opportunities.

Community Artwork

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Community-Word Project

Multi-disciplinary, arts-integrated curricula provide alternative learning strategies for writing and creative expression. Let us know how we can customize arts programming for your students.