TAP Programs

Explore all that the Teaching Artist Project has to offer from our TAP Signature Program to Summer Institute, from the TAP Alliance Workshops to the Teaching Artist Project of Rochester (TAIR). 

Summer Institute

A three-day intensive workshop for creative writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, and theater artists with 2+ years teaching artist experience. Curriculum is based on Community-Word Project’s “creative process” exploration methods, teaching practices and arts-in-education philosophy developed over 18 years.

Five adults working together on the steps of a brownstone
Teaching Artist Project participant in profile raises her hand for recognition in classroom.

Teaching Artist Institute of Rochester

Professional development series for emerging and advanced Teaching Artists to expand their teaching practice and connect with a community of artists in or near Rochester, NY.

TAP Alliance Workshops

The TAP Alliance is dedicated to expanding and enhancing the Teaching Artist field, by providing quality and effective professional development seminars, workshops and internships through collective impact.

Audience of adults paying attention to something out of the right frane.


Whether you are starting a career in teaching artistry or you are an advanced Teaching Artist with years in the field, develop and expand your teaching practice with our exceptional community of arts educators.


The Wiley Fund provides scholarships for 50-70% of participants in each TAP class, making it possible for many artists to participate in the training who would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so.