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Libraries & Community Partners

Libraries and Community Partners are essential to providing access to arts-integrated learning spaces beyond in-class instruction.

Middle school latino boy looking over shoulder smiling into camera

Arts education offers a naturally engaging and accessible means of triumphing over the obstacles that young people navigate when transitioning to adulthood.

Young people from low-income communities who are involved in the arts will earn better grades, demonstrate higher rates of college matriculation, and are more likely to volunteer, vote, and engage in politics than those who have less arts involvement (Stevenson and Deasy, 2005; NYC State of the Arts, 2014).

Community-Word Project programming, offered in school and beyond the classroom, gives students access to the arts-integrated learning that helps develop healthy identities, manage emotions, express empathy, and establish healthy relationships.

Students who have access to high quality arts education in-school and out-of-school are able to see themselves and their communities constructively, and become intrinsically motivated to be active in their communities. Offering arts-integrated programs at neighborhood library branches and community centers, expands our reach into the communities we serve.

Artwork showing man playing jazz trumpet over a bridge and river in the Bronx

Soundview Library

Fall of 2021, students and adults, ranging in age from eight to twenty-six years old, joined Community-Word Project at Soundview Library in the Bronx to create a community mural.

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Community-Word Project

Community-Word Project’s multi-disciplinary, arts-integrated curriculum provides alternative learning strategies for writing and creative expression. Let us know how we can customize arts programming for your students.