Summer Institute

Expand your impact in teaching for social justice and deepen your teaching artistry with experiential, inquiry and reflection processes.

What is Summer Institute?

Summer Institute is a three-day intensive workshop for creative writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, and theater artists with 2+ years teaching artist experience.

Summer Institute’s training curriculum is based on Community-Word Project’s “creative process” exploration methods, teaching practices, and arts-in-education philosophy developed over 18 years.

  • Expand your impact in teaching for social justice
  • Deepen your teaching with experiential, inquiry and reflection processes
  • Connect with Teaching Artists from around the country
  • Explore creative processes and critical thinking
  • Investigate techniques for project-based arts integration
  • Build new strategies for building a positive classroom culture
  • See what the participants were up to in our Summer Institute 2018 here.

World Art-Making Day

On World Art-Making Day, we’ll gather in maker mode, processing our individual creative journeys; past, present, and beyond. This workshop will include generative morning and afternoon sessions designed to unpack our ideas for a shared future.

This program is for artists of all disciplines who want to TAP into their creative selves outside of the classroom. Many times as teachers we concentrate on making art for classroom examples. This workshop series will take the SEL principles we use in learning spaces and apply them to our own artmaking space. So many of us teach the arts through a social emotional lens but have not experienced this type of instruction as a practitioner. We offer that experience with World Art-Making Day!

Who is the program for?
We welcome artists at any stage of their practice. #WAM Day could be especially nourishing for: 

  • Arts Administrators who want to make more time for their art

  • Veteran Teaching Artists on the verge of burnout

  • Artists who are new to New York City

  • Community-oriented artists looking for new approaches to artmaking

  • Students curious about career paths in socially engaged arts 

Join us virtually for World Art-Making Day: July 19, 2023 (10-12pm EST, one hour break, 1-3pm EST)


The program gave me so many skills to bring into my classroom and I felt it made me a greater asset to my students. I felt very confident in my ability to develop and reach students further and place more Justice or items learning in my lessons.

Alexis Robinson

TAIR 2021-2022

I felt reassured that I have been taking the proper steps towards my creative process and teaching.

Jessica Pereyra

TAIR 2022-2023

I would have to say one of my favorite moments today is entering the classroom again. Everyone wants to be in school right now, be together again, and enjoy each other's company.

Kym Boyce-Lazar

Teaching Artist

Woman women sitting on a swing hanging from tree branch inside hanging white fabric

I get to work with students on what is present for them in that moment, build their sense of who they are and what they stand for, and help hone their ability to express all of that through language and art.

Libby Mislan

Teaching Artist

adult white woman outdoors with a broad smile

The Teaching Artist field needs more caring, deep-thinking organizations like Community-Word Project! I feel honored to be a part of it. It feeds my soul and helps me grow as a human on planet earth.

Moira-Jo Trachtenberg-Thielking

Teaching Artist

Join the Summer Institute

Join us for an intense three days of generative sessions and creative workshops for writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, and theater artists with 2+ years of Teaching Artist experience.