Teaching Artist Institute of Rochester

Professional development series for emerging and advanced teaching artists to expand their teaching practice and connect with a community of artists

About the Institute

The Teaching Artist Institute of Rochester (TAIR) is an multi-day intensive workshop for artists of any discipline to expand their teaching practice, explore social justice pedagogy, get resources on the business of teaching artistry, and connect with educators and cultural centers in Rochester as well as New York City. This institute is open to artists of all disciplines, including but not limited to creative writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, multi-media artists, and theater artists. This year, the 3-Day intensive will be held in-person with virtual supplemental workshops. 

TAIR is a program of Community-Word Project’s Teaching Artist Project (TAP). TAP is a comprehensive training and internship program for working artists who desire to incorporate social justice and social emotional learning into their teaching practice.  Our program is committed to the professional development of teaching artists through a social justice methodology that translates creative process into educational practice.

With funding thanks to the New York State Council on the Arts, TAP staff have created this training in partnership with arts community members from the Rochester area. The Institute’s training curriculum is based on Community-Word Project’s (CWP) Creative Process exploration methods, teaching practices and arts-in-education philosophy developed for over 20 years. The training is free for teaching artists and will take place October 24-26, 2024. A small stipend will be provided for those who complete the course.

For this year’s training, there are two tracks applicants may choose to apply for: Teaching Artistry 101 & Leadership in Teaching Artistry. The application Deadline is August 1, 2024.

Leadership Track Applicants will be asked to participate in a one hour group interview on either July 29, 2024 at 11 AM or August 5, 2024 at 4 PM. Teaching Artistry 101 applicants will be required to attend an open house on either August 8, 2024: 5-7 PM (virtual) or August 13, 2024: 5-7 PM (in-person).

TAIr Celebration
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Teaching Artistry 101

This track is for emerging teaching artists or artists who wish to become a teaching artist. Applicants do not need to have any prior experience teaching in order to participate. This year, the Teaching Artist Institute of Rochester (TAIR) will accept twenty fellows for the program. Accepted fellows will receive a small stipend for their participation. In this track, participants will:

  • Build a community of teaching artists to collaborate with
  • Participate in self-exploration of their craft and how that translates into the classroom
  • Learn to scaffold and develop lesson plans and curriculums to implement in their classrooms
  • Develop strong classroom facilitation skills 
  • Deepen their teaching with experiential, inquiry and reflection processes
  • Investigate techniques for project-based arts integration
  • Build new strategies for creating a positive classroom culture

Leadership in Teaching Artistry

This track is for teaching artists of all disciplines with at least 3+ years of experience teaching in a classroom. In this track, participants will:

  • Develop leadership skills by working with the arts education community in Rochester and the Teaching Artist Project Team
  • Help build and sustain the teaching artist community in Rochester
  • Build mentorship skills
  • Deepen their teaching practice by mentoring newer artists in the classroom

This year, the Teaching Artist Institute of Rochester will accept four fellows to work with TAP facilitators and arts education leaders in Rochester to further develop their leadership and mentoring skills in order to expand the teaching artist community in Rochester. Fellows will be responsible for the following, which amounts to approximately 16 hours of work between September-December. Accepted participants will receive a stipend for their participation.

Questions? Contact the TAP Team at tap@communitywordproject.org. See the overview for a complete list of dates and details. 

The program gave me so many skills to bring into my classroom and I felt it made me a greater asset to my students. I felt very confident in my ability to develop and reach students further and place more Justice or items learning in my lessons.

Alexis Robinson

TAIR 2021-2022

I felt reassured that I have been taking the proper steps towards my creative process and teaching.

Jessica Pereyra

TAIR 2022-2023

I would have to say one of my favorite moments today is entering the classroom again. Everyone wants to be in school right now, be together again, and enjoy each other's company.

Kym Boyce-Lazar

Teaching Artist

Woman women sitting on a swing hanging from tree branch inside hanging white fabric

I get to work with students on what is present for them in that moment, build their sense of who they are and what they stand for, and help hone their ability to express all of that through language and art.

Libby Mislan

Teaching Artist

adult white woman outdoors with a broad smile

The Teaching Artist field needs more caring, deep-thinking organizations like Community-Word Project! I feel honored to be a part of it. It feeds my soul and helps me grow as a human on planet earth.

Moira-Jo Trachtenberg-Thielking

Teaching Artist

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