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Courtney Price, Theatre Artist

Courtney Price is a director and theater educator specializing in literary adaptation and collaborative storytelling. She received a BA from Hampshire College, where she studied directing across the mediums of theater, film, video, and installation. Since moving to New York she has had the opportunity to intern with The Wooster Group, teach improv with The Go Project, and direct her own work through Bad Theater Fest. Recent directing credits include “The Hunting of the Snark,” “Star Man Rocket Man,” and “Yes, this is a sweater.” Courtney is also a professional Game Master and Camp Coordinator at The Brooklyn Strategist, where she designs programs for children age 5 to 15. 


Courtney’s experience with TATIP has given her new insight into her practice. She has interned at PS 316 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn alongside mentors Shawn Ferreyra and Mary Cinadr. Through this internship she had the opportunity to design and implement her own lesson plan alongside fellow-intern Cornell Carelock. She has also had the opportunity to attend seminars on Teaching for After School with Wingspan Arts, and Devising Original Theatre for the Inclusive Classroom with Opening Act.

Most Memorable TATIP Moment: 

“The biggest turning point for me was attending the Panel on Professionalism and hearing what the field is really like from experienced Teaching Artists and Arts Administrators. This experience opened my eyes to all of the stresses and joys to be found in the life of a professional Teaching Artist. I left with many new ideas to consider as I determine the next steps in my career.”

Find out more about Courtney here:

Check out Courtney’s Lesson Plan she created with her partner Meghan Daniels, and another Lesson Plan she implemented with partner Cornell Carelock.

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