Eliot Raynes, Visual Artist 


My creative work is an essential part of my life. I work in photography, and the archiving/editing skills I use in that field directly helps me. I see myself as an artist, I use whatever mix of mediums I am most interested in, and I love learning new forms and ways to mix different things. I am still figuring out how exactly I work as an artist – still building habits and practices that fit into fluid life right now.  


TAP Work:

I’ve been working more closely with the Art With a Heart org with leading some art classes. I’m starting a little photography training at the place my mom works at, which is exciting, and I’m working with a local trans support group to lead some new types of things. Career wise, still a mess, but I’m getting a better idea of the future, maybe move to NYC?


Most Memorable TAP Moment:

During the conversation/presentation we had with Katie Rainey, I was taking notes and this really struck me: (paraphrased) “start small, scale down a project to a small goal, get grant, then apply for bigger grant” and “SO much more helpful to collaborate with other people” – that whole conversation helped me understand the arts non-profit process much better!!


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Sample of work/ Recently Published Piece 

Anything additional you might want like an inspiring quote or picture

I really appreciated the work you all have done!  I’ve been a bit bad at making sure I got everything done, and thank you for the grace you have offered me, this training series really expanded my mind and what I could do