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Theresa Dooley-Bollmann

Theresa Dooley-Bollmann has joined the Board of Directors of Community-Word Project in 2023.  She has over 28 years of experience in Investment Banking and currently serves as Lead Structurer for Bank of America’s Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities platform.

In her structuring role, Ms. Dooley-Bollmann provides market driven pricing for commercial mortgage loan originations as well as designs bond structures for new issue transactions that frequently exceed $1 billion.

In her free time, Ms. Dooley-Bollmann is actively involved in volunteer activities with her church and her employer.  Additionally, she is a 7 time participant in Cycle for the Cause, a 275-mile bike ride from Boston to New York that seeks to raise funds and awareness for AIDS education in New York City’s West Village community.  She is married and a mother of two college students.

As a person educated first in an Archdiocesan Catholic school then a NYC public high school, Ms. Dooley-Bollmann is acutely aware of the detriment that a lack of funds for education outside of the 3 Rs can have on a child’s ability to learn effectively and to thrive.  She is a tactile learner, or someone who needs to hear or see to learn, so she understands the challenges that students who learn differently might face if not provided with the proper tools or a creative outlet.  Community-Word Project’s commitment to learning and engaging in work that disrupts and roots out systems and structures that perpetuate racial inequities and oppression is the reason she whole-heartedly she agreed to join the Board.   Had a resource like CWP been available to her in her most formative years, she wonders if the path she took in life would have been different and less painful.

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