A person in a white collared shirt and black sweater standing in front of a cream colored wall with a multicolored tapestry hanging.

Mohammed Zenia

Sudanese/Eritrean poet Mohammed Zenia is working through the mediums of text, visual symbols, and sound to explore issues of language and the ever-changing meaning of words, identity and place, gender, sexuality and love, through a black diasporic lens. Mohammed is the author of the chapbook Barroom Seance published by Rockwell Press in 2013, and An Astrex is a Mixtape published by Rly Srys Lit in 2018. Along with video artist Jonathan Rafeal, Mohammed is the co-founder and editor of Nada: the Dadaist Magazine About Nothing. As well as the author of the book Tel Aviv, released by Porosity Press April 2020. Mohammed was born in Sofia Bulgaria in 1988, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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