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Louise Story

Louise Story is a longtime journalist, media executive, and filmmaker. She began her career at The New York Times and spent nearly 12 years there in a variety of roles including running The Times’ live video unit and co-authoring its digital transformation plans.

Much of Louise’s career, she has been an investigative reporter and in that capacity, she has uncovered three of the most notable fraud cases of the past 15 years including the 1MDB Malaysia kleptocracy scheme and the mortgage deal behind Goldman Sachs’ 2010 SEC settlement. She was a leading reporter covering the 2008 financial crisis. She also produced and wrote “The Kleptocrats,” a feature-length documentary that aired on the BBC, in festivals worldwide, and is now on Amazon and Apple.

She has worked as Senior Editor for “Planet Money,” the NPR podcast, and as a contributing editor on the national radio program “The Takeaway.” She drove prize-winning journalism and subscription growth at The Wall Street Journal, where she rose to become one of the top four news editors on the masthead and led all of the news outlet’s content strategy. She also served as The Journal’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, making her the first female Chief Technology Officer at a major US news brand.

Louise is currently co-writing a book with journalist Ebony Reed for HarperCollins about the Black-white wealth gap. She and Reed teach an MBA course, “Race and Money in America,” at The Yale School of Management. Louise has volunteered for Community-Word Project for eight years, visiting groups of students to talk about writing and journalism.

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