Mariella Suarez

Mariella Suarez

Visual Arts | TAIR 2021-22

Mariella Suarez, is a painter, printmaker and mix media artist from Lima Peru. Having double citizenship: Peruvian and American provided her the opportunity to study a BFA in Peru and the Master’s Degree in Creative Art Therapy Counseling from HOFSTRA University in NYC. As a professional painter, currently living in NYC since 2004, she is bilingual in Spanish and English languages. As a Teaching Artist she has been working at Queens Museum of Arts for diverse populations. Mariella has been working with children from elementary schools and bilingual adults at art museums settings, she is responsible for classroom management, curriculum development, knowledge of the Common Core Anchor, transforming creative processes into teaching tools. Mariella remembers with special love when her grandmother gave her dolls she had made with different types of fabrics, textures and colors. Her grandmother and grandfather had the ability to sew beautifully because they were tailors. Mariella’s mother had this ability too. Mariella grew up surrounded by this love for the composition using fabrics, textures and colors as a big mix media collages that she uses to create her personal art work nowadays.

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