Coriander Wolfgang Rainbeaux

Coriander Wolfgang Rainbeaux

Multidisciplinary | TAIR 2021-22

Coriander “Cory” Rainbeaux is a compassionate out of the box thinker who works to connect the complex human experience with real life solutions and growth. Their experience comes from 8 years of direct caregiving patients with dementia, a variety of physical, intellectual, and emotional disabilities, 10+ years of customer service, and 40 years of performing as a singer, violinist, actor and storyteller. As a non-binary transgender person with disability themself, Cory advocates for finding solutions for inclusivity and diversity using many forms of creativity, including poetry, especially haiku forms, multimedia projects, and writing songs. Cory is Safe Zone and Speak Out trained. Cory completed the United Way’s PRIDE Leadership Development Program, and the More Light Presbyterian Ambassadorship, both in 2019. In their free time, Cory serves as the social media coordinator for the Scandinavian Heritage Society, and is currently an Elder at Downtown United Presbyterian Church.

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