CWP 2.0

A young adult program bringing together arts, technology, college, and career exposure.

This program builds on CWP’s arts programming and broadens students’ horizons through public art making, networking, college events, and public speaking opportunities. The project includes students from our NYC public high school partners and partners from NYU, Georgia Tech, and CWP. This core team works together to create new, public interactive art which integrates creative writing, visual arts, digital arts and technology. Students are co-designers, both in terms of the culminating project, and the development of the project’s direction and scope.

In CWP 2.0, students make interactive public art, interface with innovative technology, lead curriculum design, and participate in networking events. In 2020-21, 15 students from three high schools in Queens and the Bronx participated. Coming into the program CWP 2.0 students generally placed a high level of importance on the fields of arts and technology. At the end of the program, this either remained the same or increased for students to varying degrees. 

100% of participants said the jobs of artists are important or very important, an increase from 86% pre-survey.
57% of participants said it was important or very important to learn about programming and engineering, an increase from 21% pre-survey.

Partner with
Community-Word Project

Community-Word Project’s multi-disciplinary, arts-integrated curriculum provides alternative learning strategies for writing and creative expression. Let us know how we can customize arts programming for your students.