“I created myself”


A community poem by the students in period 8 at TYWLS, Queens. 

“The Creation”

Sometimes I feel like

I created myself
looking out the window and into
the sky, rain coming through
my eyes like glass. Still, I am
like a butterfly, free, living life. My eyes
are the eyes of a beast.

I created myself
the stars that run through me
as artistic as the sky,
frozen like my past,
pretty, like a piece of glass.
I try to smile, but they
shine through it.

I created myself
this heart of shimmering
gold, this personality  
as quiet as a
beetle, this barrier between
warm and

And sometimes I feel like
I created this life, a
never-ending re-run of
corny TV shows.

I want to fix
the world, but my mind is
shattered. (ALL)
The world is so quick to
judge a book by its
cover, to treat me like a
stranger, when I need
it the most.

It’s dark eyes
a void of questions and
fighting that determines

I want to wail out
like prey,
but, no,
I’m the lion
I’m not to be played
with, protecting
my cubs.

Did I create this
love masked as hate?

Like an animal in
a dead bird in a
deep black hole?
too many unanswered questions.

Am I the one made
to look like a joke?

Sometimes life
makes me forget

But I created myself

and I
deserve to be
a girl
with a
good heart
as beautiful as a beast.
Who says a beast has to be ugly?

I remember that
I created this life
where time is
free and I inhale and
sweet hope goes into
my system.

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