Ysis James, Media Arts


Ysis James joined Community-Word Project in the fall of 2021 as a trainee in the Teaching Artist Project (TAP). Her most recent teaching experience as a Teaching Artist was with the Harlem Children’s Zone. Ysis taught Graphic Design and Visual Storytelling with high school students and helped them learn the design tools and best practices. Ysis has received her B.A. in Electronic Design and Multimedia from City College of New York and her M.S. in Integrated Digital Media from New York University. In addition to graphic design and multimedia Ysis enjoys writing, playing guitar, and crafting.

TAP Work:

“TAP has educated and influenced me to learn about and possibly create a non-profit organization in my community related to my teaching artist experience. I am currently researching and learning about grants and grant writing and updating my bio and resume to reflect who I am as an artist and where I am going.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“The resume building exercise was very enlightening and encouraged me to revamp my resume highlighting my creative side.”

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