TATIP Anthology


James Bycinthe, Visual Artist

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, James Bycinthe has been perfecting his craft in visual arts from the age of 4. His medium is sketching. He has been in various art competitions and events, and studied Art/Advertising in New York City College of Technology. He has experience as a teaching artist working with various organizations such as Wingspan Arts and Kings Bay Y.


James has been interning this year at PS 84 in Brooklyn with CWP Teaching Artists Phyllis Capello and Felipe Galindo

“With TATIP I have learned how to effectively design a lesson plan while learning how to manage a classroom in an organized manner. Thanks to Felipe Galindo and Phyllis Capello as mentors at PS 84 while working alongside Niae Knight, this was all possible.”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment: 

“My most memorable moment of TATIP was when we formed a circle and everyone had to get in the middle one by one and express themselves through dance. It was great to see everyone’s spirit lifted and displaying individuality.”

Find out more about James here: 

Check out James’ Lesson Plan he created with his partner Niae Knight. 

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