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Cristal Rodriguez, Visual Artist

Cristal Rodriguez born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Educated in the field of psychology and trained in the arts by the people, for the people. Inspired by the creation and the Creator. Advocates education, culture and arts development. Dreams of establishing a progressive art school in the Philippines. 


Cristal has been training under the mentorship of CWP Teaching Artists Felipe Galindo and Molly Goldman at PS 84 in Brooklyn. She supports 3rd graders explore the idea of community and citizenship in poetry and mural painting. 

“I was helping a group of students formulate their New Years Resolution, by asking them what was something they wanted to change or improve on at home or in school. One student replied, ‘What if I don’t want anything to change?’. ‘But things always change,’ another student responded, ‘and you have to, because it’s what makes people better.'”

“Hearing this profound conversation between 8-year-old’s almost made me forget I was in a classroom of third graders. It was a precious moment that reminded me of what Patti had told us – you never know when the the learning happens.” 

Find out more about Cristal here:

Check out her website www.talinhaga.com and see more of her beautiful artwork like the painting pictured below…

Check out Cristal’s Lesson Plan she presented as a part of her TATIP internship.


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