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Fumiko Kitada, Visual Artist

Fumiko Kitada was born in 1956 in Tokushima City, Japan. She graduated with a degree in Japanese Literature at Shikoku University, Japan. She studied painting at Osaka Tennoji Museum School, Japan and Art Students League, New York and has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in USA and Japan. She has also won several art shows and competitions. She is an active visual artist associated with several art associations and groups, including JAANY, ASCA, & BWAC.


Fumiko attended numerous additional TATIP seminars in both the fall and spring, where she learned the foundations of working with children in an educational environment from the “brilliant facilitators”. She interned at P.S. 84 and P.S. 748 in Brooklyn under CWP Mentors Phyllis Capello and Felipe Galindo, and Wingspan Mentor Cathy Mancuso. It was an unforgettable experience that gave her insight on how to use the language of art to effectively communicate and build a positive experience with children.

Most Memorable TATIP Moment: 

“Ethnical, cultural and artistic diversity of the students and staff was a true revelation to me. Translating this into an educational experience with school children brought a true joy, because I discovered that language of visual art is a natural way to communicate in such diverse environment.”

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