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Beth Cooperman, Theatre Artist

Beth has an MA in school counseling, along with a certificate in play therapy. She has worked for over 10 years with children of all ages utilizing the expressive arts to promote character development and emotional growth. Her biggest passion is working with children with special needs. She looks forward to every opportunity where she can cultivate student self expression in the schools using arts education. Beth is also an actress who loves taking part in improv, writing, and drawing.



Beth is in the advanced level of TATIP. In the past, Beth has worked in self-contained classes for children with special needs, spent a year as a guidance counselor intern at an elementary school, and provided arts education to students in the Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn. Beth is currently working with Urban Arts Partnership, New York City Children’s Theater, and Wingspan Arts. Beth’s TATIP mentorship is taking place at PS 132 in Washington Heights. She is thrilled to be learning so much from her mentors. Several students in her classroom do not speak English. Beth is delighted to see how a class can be taught bilingually.

Beth’s most memorable moment in the program had to be creating a teaching path and presenting a lesson with another classmate. Beth and her partner were so different, but they brought the best out of each other. When they were presenting their lesson plan, she felt as if she was completely synced with her partner. Co-planning is not easy, and this assignment took Beth out of her comfort zone and pushed her in ways she will never forget. 

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Vocal Work

Performing a poem by Shel Silverstein

Check out Beth’s Lesson Plan she presented with her TATIP partner, Nabila Lovelace.

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