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Liz Warren, Mixed Media Artist

Elizabeth, aka Liz, is a Brooklyn based writer, teacher, filmmaker and enthusiastic embracer of new experiences. She believes in sharing stories, in hearing them and learning from them. Her passion for cultural understanding and social justice led her to complete an MA in International Affairs at the New School where she focused on the power of video as a tool for advocacy. After working in finance and with a social justice inspired startup in San Francisco, she escaped the cubical by teaching elementary school in Bhutan. While there, she learned about the genius of children, the beauty of difference, and the challenges facing the disenfranchised. Life in Indonesia and Guatemala further cemented her respect for those facing deficits of access to choice and her commitment share each other’s stories around the globe.

Elizabeth currently teaches media arts to youth around New York City through Magic Box Productions, LPZ Media, and Grand Street Settlement. She is a founding member of the nonprofit Filmmakers Without Borders and leads video production at Vivid Story, a creative studio specializing in video, photography and design for causes that matter. Additionally, she is co-producing a feature length documentary with Edgeline Films and was a 2013-14 UnionDocs Collaborative Fellow. 


Elizabeth is part of the advanced track 2014-15 TATIP program. Each time she attends a Community Word seminar or workshop she finds herself armed with inspiring new teaching ideas and increased commitment and passion for her profession. She now uses graffiti walls and chants “I have a voice, my voice is powerful, my voice can change the world” in classrooms all over the city. 

Liz’s Favorite Quote “Freedom comes out of structure.”

Find out more about Liz here: 

Website: http://www.elizabethdelaunewarren.com

Company Website: http://vividstory.co/

Sample Artwork: 

Rooted/Uprooted: http://lossur.es/short-docs/rooteduprooted/

Alvaro: http://lossur.es/short-docs/alvaro/

See some of Liz’s Students’ work here:



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