TATIP Anthology


Alex Velozo, Visual Artist 

Alex Velozo is a sculptor, Teaching Artist, and organizer from north-central Florida living and making in Brooklyn. They received a BFA from Cooper Union and were recently in the group show “Expansion Foam” at 67 Ludlow Gallery. They currently teach summer and after school sculpture and poetry through SONYC MS 183 in Far Rockaway as well as intern with Community Word project for a first grade classroom at PS 316. Their work aims to use sight, naming, and recognition to destabilize itself.They have shown in both the US and Mexico and lecture, community organize and teach throughout the New York City Boroughs. 


Alex has been interning at PS 316 in Brooklyn with CWP Mentor Teaching Artists Felipe Galindo and Phyllis Capello

Most Memorable TATIP Moment

“I finish the TATIP program affirmed and grounded as a Teaching Artist and constantly surprised at the healing work TATIP performed on me. I entered the program as a sculptor and writer inside their first couple years teaching in SONYC middleschool programs. In this time I tasted the logistical difficulties of lesson planning and classroom management, which TATIP quickly addressed and developed inside of workshops and in-school internships. This immediately effected my teaching, but more profoundly the program addressed the ethics and gift to get to be an artist teaching in a classroom. The self knowledge to be present in a classroom and work towards elevating students artistic voices from differing identity, need, and experience is an edge I am excited more equipped to be growing towards.” 

Check out Alex’s Lesson Plan they presented with their partner Jehan Roberson

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