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Cornell Carelock aka “Lord Judah”, Musician

Cornell “Lord Judah” Carelock, the one-and-only professional Hip-hop Teaching Artist in Westchester, has many years of experience as an artist and social justice leader. As an artist and music producer, he has specialized in many evolving forms of creative expression through his company, Judah Bless Entertainment, founded in 2004. For the past ten years, he has focused on collaboration and group learning through active, participatory experiences utilizing music and visual art. Mr.Carelock has been working with the Westchester Martin Luther King Jr. Institute for Non Violence since 2006 building bridges between youth, adults, and law enforcement.

“Mr. Judah” as he is known has been a Professional Teaching Artist for over ten years, and he is currently working with Arts Westchester, Dream Yard Project, Wingspan Arts, and the Mt. Vernon Youth Bureau to name a few. He has also presented workshops for organizations such as the Scarsdale Middle School’s Young Writers Workshop, The Westchester Music Conservatory, Club Excel of the White Plains Youth Bureau, The African American Men of Westchester, Mount Vernon School District, Mt. Vernon Youth Shelter, Westchester Department of Corrections, and Westchester Youth Council.

In 2017, he received certification as a “HeartMath” Trainer, proficient in the program’s scientifically based tools to bridge the connection between hearts and minds, and he has become a member of the “HeartMath Ambassadors.” Taking his empowered heart-based living, through the immersion in and application of HeartMath and other skills, Lord Judah has a mission to engage in creative humanitarian projects and collaborations to share heart with the world. Receiving 64 hours of Curriculum and personal practice based instruction with Mindful Schools has also enabled him to present with a more Coherent Teaching style applying portions of Mindful Curriculum to ages K-Adult. Judah also directs a social justice group called “Highly Intelligent People Healing Our Planet” through which he makes social justice presentations to youth and underserved communities. 2017 Marks the Founding of His “True He(ART) Academy” for Artist, Teachers, and Community Members. True He(ART) Academies Focus will be Self Healing and Resilience Strategies for Individuals using the Arts as The Catalyst.


Since joining the TATIP in the Summer of 2016, Lord Judah or as the youth call him “Mr. Judah” has received a great boost in his creative approach to his lessons and classroom structure. He has been interning at PS 316 in Brooklyn with CWP Mentor Teaching Artists Mary Cinadr and Shawn Ferreya

“Teaching my style of Artistic Expression for more than 10 years has been a great journey for me. I have worked with many who did not know that they had a creative spark within them. My main focus has always been to do my best to bring out the creativity in who ever I am working with. TATIP has given me a new found inspiration to my approach to Teaching Artistry and I will continue to use the strategies and tools that I received from the Summer Institute as well as the full year internship. I felt a warm welcome from the first day I began this journey with Patti, who has been present throughout my time with the program, but I received alot from Renee Watson, Karla, and Scott, and some of the other guest artists that joined in along the way. I now feel empowered as a member of the Teaching Artist Community and I am ready to put my many new found tools to use in my practice. I am glad that I made the commitment to Join TATIP and I can say that my impact on those whom I work with has been positively effected by it.”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment:

“I can remember a workshop at the Fredrick Douglas Museum in the Summer. We were embodying feelings, transforming them into movements, then transforming that into my expression through words, and then sharing with others and exploring how we can create an an expression that is inclusive of all of our feelings and ideas.”

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