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Eli Pauley, Theatre Artist

Hailing from Winnebago, a small rural town in Illinois, Eli has been acting professionally since age 9. At 16, she left home for the Interlochen Arts Academy to study acting there for her junior and senior years of high school. After Interlochen, Eli attended the BFA Acting Program at Rutgers / Mason Gross School of the Arts. While her freshman and sophomore year were applied to the sole study of the Meisner technique, Eli’s entire junior year was spent studying abroad at Rutgers’ Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. This incredible year afforded her the opportunity to study under the Globe faculty and staff including Tim Carroll, Giles Block, and Glynn MacDonald. 

Since graduating from Rutgers Mason Gross, Eli has settled into life in New York City. She has been lucky to work with companies like UglyRhino, The Apothetae, Playwright’s Realm, Williamstown Theatre Festival, and the O’Neill Theater Center. She is currently at work on OKAY, with UglyRhino Productions and directed by Danny Sharron. Upcoming is a much awaited production of TRIBES at Barrington Stage Company where she will be playing the role of Sylvia.

Besides acting, Eli is pursuing her love of teaching through the TATIP program and hopes to make a career of it that will complement and creatively fuel her acting career. In addition to teaching and acting, Eli is also a writer who is currently working on a novel that draws upon her experiences with hearing loss and deafness as well as growing up in a remote town in the midwest. 


Eli has been interning at PS 132 in Washington Heights with CWP Mentor Teaching Artists Elizabeth LeonardSheldon Best and Alan Bounville

“I have spent the past few months observing a second grade class at PS 132 in Washington Heights, observing TATIP Mentors Elizabeth Leonard, Sheldon Best, and Alan Bounville. As this is a poetry / theatre residency, I have enjoyed watching the ways in which the two art forms influence each other. The focus has been on teaching students the tools needed to express and fuel their creativity in a generous way. It has been so rewarding to watch the little ones gain confidence in their impulses and imaginations through their classes with CWP.”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment

“My most memorable moment with TATIP would have to be our first class together with Patti Chilsen and Renée Watson. I remember being so impressed by how seamlessly the two supported each other and worked together. They created one of the most relaxed, creative, and safe educational environments that I had yet experienced, causing me to reflect on my own past experiences as a student with renewed understanding and clarity as to how and why I had felt successful at certain times and not at others. The absence of any ego allowed for a true pursuit of learning. To me, observing the way Patti and Renée teach these past months has been a huge moment of revelation as to how I wish to carry myself in a classroom from this point forward. I could not have found better, more passionate mentors.”

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