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Gary Devirgilio, Theatre Artist, Visual Artist, Musician, Writer

Gary DeVirgilio is an Actor, Artist, Musician, and a Writer. He has performed in theatre and many independent short and feature films as an actor. There are many plays and screenplays that have been penned, paintings and drawings produced by Gary over the years as well. Two unedited novels exist, along with countless short stories and poems. Between his artwork and his writing, there are hundreds of notebooks filled with work. He has written fifty songs and plays a variety of instruments. In the interest of keeping this Bio short, simply put, Gary is the consummate Artist. He lives and breathes his passion for creating something interesting in which to observe.

Gary has been a resident of Astoria, New York since 1992. He is an extremely busy Artist; his biggest challenge is time management.


Gary has been interning at The Young Women’s Leadership School in Jamaica, Queens with CWP Mentor Teaching Artist Katie Rainey, and at PS 279 Captain Manuel Rivera Jr. in the Bronx with CWP Mentor Teaching Artist T. Scott Lilly.

Some thoughts on TATIP

“It is ironic that I find it hard to put in words how deeply meaningful, and formative the journey of discovery has been working with CWP through TATIP; especially, when the request is to keep it simple. In innumerable ways, this process has appealed to my intellect, but there is also a bit of an emotional component. I have really loved this experience. Everyone involved, at every level, has created an ideal work environment; one where positive feedback, critical thinking, consideration, and mutual respect are built into it in an unforced, natural manner. It is a truly sophisticated arena for learning. That said, everyone is artistic, so it’s pretty darn cool as well!!

The TATIP program is incredibly abundant with vital tools for teaching and learning. The technique they have developed and share so graciously with we the students is utterly invaluable. I have enjoyed every aspect of my experience with CWP; not least of which working with the incredible founder of CWP, amazing staff running the program, and the greatest Teaching Artists assembled working throughout the five burroughs. They are all intelligent, encouraging, knowledgeable, gracious, helpful, wonderful people. It has been a privilege learning the craft of teaching and learning through TATIP.

How often does one have a life altering experience? Thanks to CWP, I can add another one to mine. Thanks to CWP, I have learned techniques for teaching that are all encompassing. Thanks to CWP, I have had extensive insight in to social awareness and development, the plight of incarcerated learners, bright and talented spectrum and learning-challenged students, the needs of English language workers, teaching to all age groups and learners from across the spectrum. (Just to name a few, I could go on and on). It has been an enriching experience across the board.

The next step is the application process. What’s better than taking the TATIP program? Only one thing: I have to imagine working for CWP, that’s what!”

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Check out Gary’s Lesson Plan he presented with his partner Dale Novella Anderson.  


“A Glimpse of Her” (A poem born out a free write at Gary’s TYWLS residency)

She did not know
That she was being watched
From beyond the pane,

A happenstance glance.

He had recognized her prideful gait
Out of the corner of his eye.

All day, he had had the feeling
That they would cross paths;
Though, this is not how
He had previously pictured it.

She was wearing yet another
Failed attempt at fashion.

Her outfits were always atrocious.

He envisioned
Her lipstick legacy:

Memory produced a series of images
Shuffling by in his minds-eye
Like a well edited filmstrip;

Frame after frame flowed
Mismatched colors and shades,
Contradictory to her complexion.

She never could
Figure out what to do
With her hair.

He never had the heart
To tell her these things.

A sense of regret washed over him
As he took a quick inventory
Of the many missed
Opportunities for cruelty.

Internalizing instead,
The anger and pain,

His hurtful retorts
Were left unvoiced.

He resents her, even more,
On account.

She is off
And out
To impress.

She always

He does not feel good,
Having seen her.


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