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Janet Onyenucheya, Theatre Artist

Janet Onyenucheya is an NYC based musician, actress and educator. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Berklee College of Music, Janet works as a teaching artist with K-12 public and private schools throughout New York City. Janet’s teaching practice involves providing a rich artistic experience by allowing students to engage in the process of creating, analyzing and making socially conscience connections through artistic exploration.


Janet has been interning at PS 132 in Washington Height with CWP Mentor Teaching Artists Elizabeth Leonard and Sheldon Best

“‘Teaching Artist’ is a profession that is steadily finding its identify while increasingly gaining respect and notoriety. TATIP has provided me with a great foundation from which I feel prepared to succeed in my varied and diverse role as an arts educator. Throughout the 2015-16 year I have benefited tremendously from the wisdom of master teachers like Patti Chilsen and Renee Watson. In addition to my formal training, I’ve received over 58+ hours of professional development through seminars from arts-in-education organizations throughout New York City. Being part of the TATIP family is an opportunity unlike any other and I’m thankful for the new friends, mentors and colleagues I’ve built relationships with!”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment

“I taught a 3rd grade class with my teaching partner at PS 132. The students created an original poem using personification. Toward the end of the lesson I combined their poem with melody and reflected their words back in a song. It was a defining moment of impact as I recognized that the students were able to humanize me as an artist and see me in a new light!”

“Wow Ms. Janet that was amazing, please sing again!” 

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