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Jehan Roberson, Writer

Jehan Roberson is a writer who recently earned her MA in Humanities and Social Thought from NYU. She lives and writes in Brooklyn.


“I am in the “New and Beginning” track and have blogged, framed, matted and done a host of other fun things with TATIP. My residencies have been with PS 316 in Brooklyn, shadowing CWP Mentor Teaching Artists Phyllis Capello and Felipe Galindo, and with Wingspan Arts at PS 516 shadowing Kate Villanova.”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment

“One of my favorite moments thus far was when a student at PS 316, named Zora, told me she was named after Zora Neale Hurston and I told her Hurston was one of my favorite writers. She was so excited and, from then on, would talk to me about Hurston every time we (CWP) were in the classroom.”

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Check out Jehan’s Lesson Plan she presented with her partner Alex Velozo

You can read more about Jehan’s experience in these blogs she wrote: New Residency, New Insights, New Community, Teaching with Grace, A Multitude of Voices, Representation in the Classroom and more forthcoming!

“Of Wildflowers and Wings”

I cannot be concerned
with languishing thoughts
the detailed moments
of wildflowers and wings
from butterflies
post collision
on my passenger window
meeting of nature
and urbane
at the corner store
where congregations
the homeless
and hopeful, those
of us who move
past their plight
down aisles
in search of something
easier to stomach.

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