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Krystalla Pearce, Theatre Artist

Krystalla is an Australian theatre maker and Teaching Artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

While completing her BA in Italian and Social Theory at Melbourne University she was involved in the founding of two theatre groups – The Melbourne University Absurdist Theatre Society and Throwback Players. Upon graduating, she got a serious government job but continued to write and direct. She then got an even more serious government job that moved her to New York. Soon realizing it wasn’t for her, she returned to theatre making and completed her MA in Performance Studies at NYU. After graduating she spent some time in New Delhi, India, leading devised theatre workshops on social justice issues with adolescents and graduate students. She now teaches in public schools all over New York City as well as running experimental theatre company Rat King Theatre, which she co-founded with her collaborator Tessa Allen. Rat King Theatre produces devised work that tells stories with words, bodies and food.


“I’ve worked in three different settings with TATIP – PS 132 Juan Pablo Duarte in Washington Heights, PS 316 Elijah Stroud in Crown Heights and PS 118 The Maurice Sendak Community School in Park Slope (Wingspan after school residency). I’ve worked with CWP Teaching Artists Elizabeth Leonard, Sheldon Best, Felipe Galindo, Phyllis Capello and Kate Villanova (Wingspan).”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment

My most memorable TATIP moment was during my Wingspan residency – 1st grade actor’s studio. The students were making puppets. One student was upset because he thought he’d ruined his puppet and wanted to start again. His classmate turned to him and said “the best art is made through mistakes”.”

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