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Mariella Suarez, Visual Artist

Mariella Suarez is a painter, printmaker and mix media artist from Lima Peru. She came to NYC in 2004. Her passion is to develop her artistic skills and keep improving as a human being.

She remembers with special love when her grandmother gave her dolls she had made with different types of fabrics, textures and colors. Her grandmother and grandfather had the ability to sew beautifully because they were tailors. Mariella’s mother had this ability too. Mariella grew up surrounded by this love for the composition using fabrics, textures and colors as a big mix media collages that she uses to create her personal art work nowadays.


Mariella has been interning at PS 84 in Brooklyn with CWP Teaching Artists Felipe Galindo and Molly Goldman as well as a mural residency with Max Allbee, and additional internships at Wingspan Arts and Free Arts NYC

“Through TATIP, I have gotten the professional knowledge that I needed to continue my community engagement commitment here in NYC. I have learned so much useful information and have received invaluable experiences of every single class in my training. As a part of my training at TATIP, I am helping and learning as a teaching artist assistant at Wingspan Arts and Free Arts at NYC Public Schools as well as my CWP residencies.” 

“Currently, I have the opportunity to work with special needs populations in one of my residencies with the Guggenheim museum. In addition, I have been working with adults and children in Bilingual (English -Spanish) art workshops at Noguchi and Queens Museum of Art, experiences that I love!”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment

“I love the fact that, as artists, we are free to be very creative and make each lesson plan to share the beauty of Art, and at the same time use it as a means to learn, develop new skills and strengthen our self-esteem.”

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Check out Mariella’s Lesson Plan she presented with her partner Rachel Elfezouaty

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