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Simone Johnson, Dancer

Simone is originally from Colorado and moved to New York City at the age of twelve where she and her family settled in Staten Island. She is just beginning her journey as a dancer, while dabbling in other art forms including music, visual art and creative writing. She is very passionate about teaching and traveling. She is excited to start working on her first choreographic project this year. She also volunteers as a Teacher and Teaching Assistant with Dance to Unite and is a previous Dance Diplomat with Movement Exchange.

TATIP Work Simone has been working with CWP Teaching Artists Jashua Sa-Ra and Adia Whitaker at PS 676 in Red Hook.

“During these last eight months, I have been enriched by the knowledge, experiences and community gained as an Undergraduate Track TATIP trainee. I have learned, among other things, about the importance of scaffolding, building class community, incorporating the multiple intelligences in lesson plans and integrating reflection time. Throughout the training I also attended the majority of the Elective Seminars. I have gained so much insight and feel completely prepared, inspired and excited to start my first year as a Teaching Artist. Through TATIP I also had the wonderful opportunity of observing a number of National Dance Institute classes, which also led to amazing shifts in my understanding of myself as a person and Teaching Artist focused primarily on dance.  I also interned at PS 676 in Redhook with Teaching Artists Jashua Sa-Ra and Adia Whitaker in a poetry and dance residency. Fellow trainee, Chaya Babu and I gave a lesson on emotion, memory and movement!”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment

“The most memorable TATIP moment was learning about the process of student-led choreography during the Movement and Music Seminar in partnership with the National Dance Institute. I loved experiencing different people’s ideas and the process of seeing it all come together to form a beautiful dance! I also enjoyed the Emotion Taxi game earlier in the training. It was hilarious and I although I didn’t take the creative risk to join, the experience reminded me to challenge myself with art forms that are unfamiliar to me.”

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Ajna Adult Performance Intensive Summer 2015- Semi-Classical 

Check out Simone’s Lesson Plan she presented with her partner Chaya Babu. You can read more about Simone’s experience in these blogs she wrote: 5 Big Takeaways for a Successful Learning and Teaching ExperienceWe are the Ultimate! We are the Ultimate! And We’re Ro…Ro…Rockin’ It!Getting Familiar with the Unfamiliar and more forthcoming.

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