TATIP Anthology


Cheree Alexander, Writer

Cheree started writing poetry at the age of 14, as a positive outlet. As her love for poetry grew, several years later she decided to start a poetry group of her own. In May 2015 she launched a poetry writing group called “Poetry on Demand” meetup. This group is based in her hometown of the Bronx, NY. She is a poetry activity specialist who facilitates poetry writing sessions, art related trips and planned/hosted open mic events for her members. In December 2015 she launched another segment called Poetry on Demand Outreach, where she facilitates poetry writing sessions at other organizations.

Cheree also became a spoken word artist in May of 2015. Since then she has performed at several open mic events; one of which she was the featured artist. Her pen name is Jereni-Sol. She also owns copyrights of 60 original poems, in hopes of creating several books of poetry. 


Cheree has been interning at P.S. 279 in the Bronx with CWP Teaching Artists T. Scott Lilly and Mary Cinadr. Cheree states:

“It has been such a great experience interning with this 4th grade class. I noticed the students’ eyes light up when we walked into the room. The students were ready to participate and learn. They inspire me, which in turn, makes me excited to teach. When I presented my lesson plan to the class, it was amazing to see how talented and smart they all were! They created visual and written art with the use of unique symbols accompanied by their original poems. I am glad that I was able to bring the beauty of art for them to blossom in!”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment:

Cheree’s most memorable moment with TATIP was co-planning & co-teaching with Rachel. Rachel was my lesson plan partner and co-trainee. Cheree says:

“I love planning, preparing, brainstorming, creating outlines and presentations. It was fun to work with Rachel on our lesson plan and see it blossom when we presented our activity to the co-trainees. Our art forms and personalities synced up very well. We were able to execute our lesson plan successfully and had a fun time doing so!”

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Read some of Cheree’s poetry:


Made fun of, when there is nothing funny about me. 

Picked on, laughed at.
Everyone laughing,
but me.  

Trapped by the stares, the snickers.
The haters, the whispers.

Everyday, their words bang against my head,
Trying to get into my brain,
but I won’t let it.
The tears burn my face at night, cause I can’t forget it.
I perspire, my body cries, but I try not to sweat it. 

Stop with the HATE,
the obsession over weight,
whether one is gay or straight,
so what I may be shy,
I am smart, not a geek
Just cuz I am not wearing Jordan’s, I must meet my defeat?
If I have a disorder, or a different skin color…
Don’t you sit there & judge me, cuz this here is out of order… 

Stop with the HATE
Yes, I practice a different religion, or I am from a foreign place,
Don’t criticize, open your eyes, you may find your faith,
I may have an accent, or dress differently,
Don’t you dare point those fingers at me.

I am not here to be judged by you
Before you go throwing in your two cents, Remember your currency makes no sense. Your words are worthless. I am not con-tent; your bullying is nonsense, that I will not accept.

Because I am stronger.

It’s time for me to stand up,
Change my life for the better
Positively, with help, I will make my life better.

Because I am stronger.


“Shine Brighter”

Shine brighter.
Aim higher.
Flame of passion in your heart? let’s start a fire.
That flame is lit…
Sky’s the limit
Go ahead and be the pilot…of your Jet Blue sky.
Set flight in your Boeing (plane)…
Let’s keep it going.
Feel that artistic spark, let’s keep it growing.
Feel that magic, of your passion, let’s keep that flowing.
Don’t you EVER let it die, just let it fly.
Don’t lose focus on your vision, stay eye to eye.
Don’t them knock you down, thinking’ you had a good try,
Stand back up even stronger, kiss them haters good-bye. 

Don’t let your talents expire…
Artistic ability, your soul’s desire.
Let your heart guide you -that’s how you inspire.
Be a leader, step up, when your back’s to the wire…
Stay positive through the adversity, always remain a fighter. 

If they got you cornered, or you feel like giving up
Look forward, push onward, be the best you, remember you are enough.
Be confident, creative, communicate effectively, 
Be grateful, & generous lifting up those next to me… rejuvenate…
Be yourself & watch positivity illuminate…
And trust me you’ll shine brighter than ever before. 


“Back in the day”

Back in the day I was shy, I used to cry, now I kiss those tears goodbye.
I used to care what you thought of me, thought your opinion was important, but your opinion was false.
I take control over my life, I am the Boss!
Back in the day, I would go where we used to play,
And only remembered the evil words you used to say, now I look back and smile.
I’m killin’ em with confidence, life is worthwhile!
Killin’ em with kindness and watch me shine right through.
Confidence, kindness -got abstract words killin’ you.
You used to spit mean things, now my life has meaning,
Nothing’s got me trippin, not even one thing.
I know how to shine now, like the sun,
Go ‘head and try to throw shade. 
And you won’t break me down.
Don’t’ try to cross me, or you will be broken down.
Your words used to be in my head, rip me to shreds,
Now, I sleep peacefully in my bed.
I have overcome your torment, all I do now is fly,
Nowhere to go but up,
Look up! and watch me rise! 


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