TATIP Anthology


Tessa Allen, Theatre Artist & Writer

Tessa is a West Coast native now Brooklyn based writer, performer, dancer, choreographer, and illustrator. She moved to New York and received her MA in Performance Studies from NYU. Ever since, Tessa has been working in the world of multidisciplinary storytelling-collaborating with other innovative New York artists and her theater company Rat King Theatre.

TATIP Work: 

“In my time with TATIP I have been interning at PS 279 Capt. Manuel Rivera Jr. helping in Ms. Melendez’s exuberant 3rd grade class with CWP Teaching Artists T. Scott Lilly and Mary Cinadr! We are exploring how to discover our own poetic and performance voices through breath and using distinct observation skills.”

Most memorable TATIP moment:

“Our TATIP experience coincided with some shocking moments in our political and social world. Getting to participate in TATIP during this time has been extraordinarily nurturing. There was a distinct moment when we were discussing “Class Room Management Strategies” that transformed my conception of community: The idea that communities cannot be established upon ostracization but rather inclusion. It is something I continue to think about in my teaching, my art, and my social existence.”

Check out Tessa’s Lesson Plan she created with her partner Badu Boakye.

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