TATIP Anthology


Tanya Gupta, Visual Artist

Tanya is co-founder and Executive Director of here there and EVERYwhere (htE). She is a thoughtful artist combining her interests in visual and tactile mediums with her love for teaching and social change. Outside of htE, Tanya is Co-Founder of The Enlivened Collective while working as a freelance designer and professional Teaching Artist through Wingspan Arts and The Art Studio NY. She graduated from New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Study with a concentration in Design, Psychoanalysis and Human Rights (Titled “His and Her Story: Redesigning the Self”). Tanya has worked in many administrative and design positions for the past 5 years and now runs htE’s operations while leading program development and many of htE’s workshops. She is also a Teaching Artist at Wingspan Arts and The Art Studio NY. She will soon be pursuing her Master of Arts at Columbia University, Teachers College. Her life objective is women empowerment through the arts.


Tanya is extremely grateful to have been referred to TATIP as she started her Teaching Artist career. She had the opportunity to work with Felipe Galindo and Phyllis Capello’s 3rd grade poetry and writing class at PS 84 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This was Tanya’s first time in a public classroom setting, as previously she had only taught after school and offsite classes. Thanks to Patti and Katie, Tanya also connected with two fellow TATIP students who were interested in holding workshops with her nonprofit, here there and EVERYwhere. Everything she has learned at TATIP, from scaffolding and classroom management to integrating multiple disciplines and social justice, she has been able to integrate into her classes and workshops almost immediately. TATIP has been an inspiring journey, with a special thanks to Patti Chilsen and Katie Rainey for their incredible dedication, support, passion, and guidance.

Most memorable TATIP moment

“Our closing rituals are the most memorable moments for me. The power and community that was created through it, along with the feeling I had when I would leave, was inspirational. I especially loved the class where we ended with everyone saying “We Have a Voice” in their native languages, with everyone echoing it back – so powerful!”

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