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Rabih Ahmed, Writer

Rabih Ahmed is a first-generation Ghanaian- American spoken word poet born in the Bronx.  She is a recent graduate with a B.A in Political Science and minor in Black Studies from SUNY New Paltz. This year Rabih has performed her original work at the Apollo Theatre Sound Stage, Lehman College, and Berkeley College. She was the recipient of the Alumni Action Award by Big Picture Learning Network in 2015, the first SUNY New Paltz Urban Slam winner in 2012, and the Nelson Mandela Legacy Writing Contest winner in 2009. Through this contest she traveled to South Africa and met Nelson Mandela. As an activist, educator, and poet Rabih utilizes spoken word poetry as a medium to fill the holes in New York City public education. As she is transitioning into classrooms, she seeks to incorporate themes of social justice, community building, and healing into her curriculum.


“Through TATIP I had the opportunity to intern at The Young Women’s Leadership School (TWYLS) in Jamaica, Queens and briefly at P.S 279 in the South Bronx. My experience at TWYLS observing Katie Rainey was an eye-opening opportunity. I have never been in a room with youth that where emotionally intelligent and offered unconditional support for one another. From the round of applauses to the snaps, the positive reinforcement in the classroom was inescapable. This was something I didn’t experience in high school. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to interact with the girls at TWYLS and witness their power through the art of creative writing.”

Most memorable TATIP moment:

“My most memorable moment in TATIP was when we were in the home of Langston Hughes and read his poem “I, Too.” As a poet this was quite an honor to be in his home which lead to the creation of my own poem titled ‘Langston.'”

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