TATIP Anthology


Meghan Daniels, Writer

Meghan Daniels lives in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her BA in English from Stanford University and her MFA in Fiction from Hunter College.


Meghan completed her internship with CWP teaching artists Kate Lee and Molly Goldman at PS 279 in the Bronx. The residency was in first grade classrooms and focused on drama and writing.

Most memorable TATIP moment:

During a “Teaching for Social Justice” seminar, attendees were invited to create artwork — collages, poems, songs — reflecting on the experience of Japanese internees during World War II. We had spent the afternoon immersed in the history of the time period, learning more about the horrors of the internment camp through scholarly articles, poetry, and photographs, and then were given time to take our learnings and transform them into work of our own. The performances that came out of that half hour or so of work were incredibly moving, and really illustrated to me the power of arts education (especially when coupled with meticulous planning and passion on the parts of the teaching artists) to inspire students in new and unexpected ways.”

Check out Meghan’s Lesson Plan she presented in class with her mentor Kate Lee.

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