TATIP Anthology


Kim Bendheim, Writer

A journalist as well as a performer, a poet and a visual artist she has published in Fortune, The New York Times, The Forward and The LA Times. As a performer, she danced for David Lynch in his film “Fire Walk With Me,” and played leading roles in regional theaters productions of John Patrick Shanley, Shakespeare and Checkhov. She has also told stories with The Moth, At Joe’s Pub, the JCC. Last but not least, she has been teaching kids for the previous two decades and counts herself lucky to do so.


“In the spring, I had an internship at PS 315 under the supervision of Shawn Ferreya and Mary Cinadr. They were very fun to work with and the class of first graders were eager to learn. For my lesson plan, I taught from a book called “What Does Peace Feel like?” And gave them a worksheet asking what peace looked like, tasted like, sounded like and felt like to each one of them. There was plenty of room for them to do drawings, which they did. Now I’m doing an internship with Wingspan Arts Suzanne Darrel; its an after-school program with eight boys and two girls. She’s whipping them into shape to perform an excerpt from the musical Peter Pan. They are all excellently cast as the lost boys and Tinkerbell. I can’t wait to see their final performance.”

Most Memorable TATIP Moment:

 “A memorable TATIP experience was writing a tanka, after seeing images of Japanese interns in California during WWII. The topic, I believe was social justice and this workshop really resonated with me, maybe because we had visuals as well as poetry to work with. The workshop was lead by that excellent TATIP Teacher, Patti Chilsen.”

Check out Kim’s Lesson Plan she presented with her partner Maya Workman.

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