Tahmina Norin Sharmin, Visual Artist


Tahmina is a Visual Teaching Artist. She was born and raised in Bangladesh. She completed her MFA from University of Development Alternative in Bangladesh. She started her art teacher career while she was an art student. She moved to New York and took an internship and in the same year she started her Teaching Artist career at Children’s Museum of the Arts in 2015. During the time of working at the Museum she did multiple community projects throughout the Bronx. That inspired her more to dedicate her career to an underserved community. Currently she is working at Art Start an nonprofit organization, where she takes after school art classes at detention centers and homeless centers throughout the Bronx.

TAP Work:

“When I apply for TAP I was unemployed. TAP application was approved and I got hired at the end of the September at Art Start a nonprofit organization. I have grown so much in last two months. TAP’s workshops have been building my confidence, knowledge, resources which is helping me in many ways.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“Every single TAP session will be memorable for me! My most memorable session is Social and Emotional learning through Art in time of crisis!”

“TAP has gave me those “Aha” moments that I have been missing in my career. ”

Check out some more of Tahmina’s work here