Susanna Stahlmann, Multidisciplinary Artist


Susanna Stahlmann is a New York based actor and writer. After training at the Guthrie Theater, Susanna has earned critical acclaim both Off-Broadway and Regionally. It was her passion for language and storytelling that drove her to write and produce her first film, Borderline Coffee, which is inspired by Susanna’s own personal struggle and recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD is often misrepresented in the film/tv world and is commonly misdiagnosed. Paired with her passion for the arts is her mission to end the stigma around mental health. Beyond performing and writing Susanna enjoys a career as a teaching artist. It was her parents that instilled in her the importance of arts education. She strongly believes that the arts are key in developing a strong sense of self and honoring personal expression. She also feels that children are brilliant and hilarious people and is truly inspired by their imaginative brains.

TAP Work:

“It is truly amazing how in community I feel with individuals I have met only via zoom while sitting in my little room in Brooklyn. In this TAP experience I have been able to connect with artists from all backgrounds, and learn from their creative expression. Working on the collaborative art piece with a group lead by Adriana has excited me to pursue more collaborative art with a focus on social justice. I find it extremely healing to collectively interpret a shared experience distilled by our individual art forms.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“There are many elements of the TAP workshops that I am eager to expand upon. Most notably I have gained more tools on how to build an inclusive curriculum and how to incorporate social emotional learning. Both of these elements are so important for well being of a classroom. This is especially true as we continue to balance our time as teachers in real life and over zoom. Attuning to individuals needs and how you can incorporate those needs into a grander class plan is so important. Making each student feel seen (even if we can’t see them on camera). Art has the ability to transcend barriers and it’s our job as teaching artists to encourage and empower all forms of creative expression.”

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