Saba Sebhatu, Writer


Saba Sebhatu was born in Italy and raised in Washington DC where she completed a BA in journalism. She is a writer and photographer and believes in the arts and its ability to build confluence between cultures and societies and uses these methods in centering her teaching practice. She moved to Eritrea where she began working as a peace-building practitioner in conflict resolution initiatives in the Horn of Africa. A previous Callaloo Fellow, her current work focuses on the African Diaspora and their geographies. In Spring 2018, she was selected as a mentee by the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. She received her MFA in nonfiction from The New School in New York City.

TAP Work:

“I joined a fantastic group of artists and have built a wonderful cohort of Teaching Artists and educators. My residency was at PS17 in Astoria, Queens with Teaching Artists Alex Velozo and Maria Schirmer. Alex and Maria combined elements of visual arts, namely photography, and other portrait renderings in various art forms with creative writing in a fifth-grade classroom.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“Working closely with students and youth has been a mainstay in my career and watching students engage in their own creativity and inquiry around cultural and social issues through artwork by contemporary artists was immensely rewarding. I was very eager to introduce the students to artwork and methodology from other parts of the world; as Queens itself is an enclave in New York City with many enriching cultures and languages.”

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