PS 84 Mural Paint Day!


Volunteers from both HBO and Linklaters joined the 3rd graders at PS 84 to paint murals last week! The third grade students at PS 84 have been painting murals based on their community poems with Muralist Felipe Galindo. The students have been hard at work for 6 weeks already! Each class produces it’s own mural with images from the students’ own designs and complete with a line from their class’s community poem. Students paint four at a time each week until every student has had the opportunity to contribute their handiwork to their class’s mural.

Four volunteers from HBO and three volunteers ffrom Linklaters put on their finest painteng clothes and jumped right into mural painting with the kids. HBO is CWP’s longest corporate partner, having been with us 15 years, and Linklaters has been partners with CWP for 8 years! This year was Linklaters third consecutive year painting with the PS 84 students and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to have them back each year!


The students were thrilled to tell the volunteers about the murals! The all eagerly pointed out which portion they had contributed to the design and what they had painted. The students from the first class had everyone laughing the entire period as they told us their favorite jokes while they painted!

Everyone had a great time at the mural paint day! The adults all enjoyed rolling up their sleeves and taking a turn with a paintbrush, something most of us don’t get to do on a regular basis. The kids were so proud to show off thier work! All in all, a very successful mural paint day!