Our Community Story-Fronts


On November 30th, the 3rd grade students in PS 85 Judge Charles J. Vallone School’s after school program created “story-fronts” for their end-of-residency culmingating event. Led by CWP Teaching Artists Max Allbee and Elizabeth Leonard, the residency focused on using poetry and visual arts to reclaim the idea of patriotism. They created flags that represented them and pledges of allegiance for which they could stand.   

The students explored their communities – neighborhood, family, school, city, etc. – in order to honor what they love about them and think of ways they would like to better them. The Teaching Artists worked with the students to create art that expresses the pride they feel for their communities.

Clara B.’s “Best Friends Store”

Nikolas C.’s “Believe It Store”

As part of their culminating project, students created “story-fronts” to represent stores that would sell the things in their community that cannot be bought – the things that they love the most of which they are the most proud. Some of the “story-front” examples are below. The students were able to explore important themes of friendship, faith, confidence and adventure with art that is both abstract and fun and imaginative. 

Gabriella D.’s “Peace Love Fun Store”

Alba B.’s “Outgoing Store” (Her final product is the title picture).