Noëlle King, visual artist


Noëlle King is an artist and college professor practicing in New York City. She was graduated from University of California at Berkeley (B.A.)  Columbia University (M.A.), School of Visual Arts (M.F.A..) and the Rhode Island School of Design (C.E. Drawing and Painting Studies). Her work has been shown at numerous museums and galleries both in the U.S.A. and in Europe. Her work and record of exhibitions can be viewed at


TAP Work:

Meeting and working with artists of all disciplines is the best part of TAP for me. I loved the salons which showcased the works of my colleagues, and the workshops in which we could expand our teaching methodologies and learn new ways of co-creating content for young learners. Shout out to all my teachers, colleagues and new friends! 


Most Memorable TAP Moment:

From one of the TAP workshops -Power & Privilege:  “Some (artists)  will make work that shows the possibilities that can be created”  May that be me.


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Sample of work/ Recently Published Piece 


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Note to self: Be curious, creative , compassionate & grateful