Natie, Musician


Natie is an artist from Réunion Island, currently based in Brooklyn. With a looper, violin & vocals, she builds tracks live, with flavors of Soul and World music. Fresh off a world tour with Beyoncé and Jay-Z, she’s launched her solo career with the release of her debut EP. Recent performances include 100 Years 100 Women @ Lincoln Center,  Transcendence @ Sultan Room, and Afropunk Battle of the Bands. Through her music, Natie aims to share and nurture authentic connections, more dialogue and openness around some of the differences which currently divide us. She also works as a teaching artist with different organizations throughout the city.


TAP Work:

The TAP trainings have given me more concrete tool for lesson planning & ways to connect with my students. I’ve already been able to incorporate certain practices in my music production workshops with Building Beats. These trainings have also helped me clarify that i wanna work with marginalized communities and I’m in the process of applying to teach at The Lullaby Project. Finally it’s given me a community a like-minded artists & teachers which gives me hope & strength.


Most Memorable TAP Moment:

The experience in my affinity group was powerful. It made me feel connected & understood.


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Sample of work/ Recently Published Piece



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