Mia Rotondo, Multidisciplinary Artist


Mia Rotondo is an activist educator with over 18 years of experience in special education. After coming up in Philly as a paraeducator, teacher, grant writer, and co-creator of theatre programming for autistic young people, she headed South in 2012. New Orleans has graciously made space for her to continue learning and put down roots that have grown deep over the past 9 years. Mia works closely with fellow radical educators, students, and families to build and facilitate flexible, child-led learning spaces. While on sabbatical from teaching, Mia is partnering with Tulane as a member of their Special Education Advisory Council and providing consultation for education advocacy in the city. Over the past several years she has partnered with KID smART to develop and provide professional development around creating more just spaces and bringing arts integration to ALL learners.

TAP Work:

“It’s been so important for me to discover the ARTIST in “Teaching Artist.” It’s easy to lose yourself in the classroom and forget that facilitating a joyful and accessible space for arts integration IS an ART in and of itself! TAP has been the perfect space to reconnect and grow my expertise.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“Creating shared virtual space with my Care Team was probably what I’ll hold closest to my heart from TAP. Working together across time and space can be daunting but building relationship with such grounded and sweet souls really made me look forward to breakout room time! CARE TEAM ZAMI FOREVER!”

Find out more about Mia here:

  • Find me facilitating professional development, teaching, and growing with the amazing folks over at www.kidsmart.org

The picture above is one of the many banners my classes have created over the years for The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival!