MHB (M), Multidisciplinary Artist


MHB (M) is a multidisciplinary creative, eastern United States native, and world traveler. M exposes her audience to her questions about life through her artwork. M focuses on color, culture, and community as she transforms moments of impact in her life and her surrounding environment into visual art. To build on life’s experience M travels to connect with underrepresented communities and uses her artwork to open dialogue about worldly events and the people affected.

M conceptualized the exhibition, “Orientation: The Voice of the Youth (OTVY)”, an exploration and excavation of the thoughts, and feelings of New York City junior high school students as well as M on the world around them. OTVY is a year-long, three-part, public art exhibition. The exhibition consists of twenty-two artworks on canvas and select paintings feature affiliated audio including snippets of thoughtful discussion between students and MHB or original music. OTVY will officially launch the non-profit, the Kamara Foundation, thereby establishing the 603 youth arts education program addressing the arts education deserts in Black and Brown communities. M’s perspective, steeped in African/African-American culture allows her to share stories and experiences often untold or mistold. In 2020, M began “Mask On 20/20”, a portrait collection that references African masks. Those viewing and interacting with M’s work will learn about a misrepresented perspective of her world. M is also a Teaching Artist and conducts a youth arts education program, 603, and team/group building and bonding workshops. M has a B.A. in Art & Media Studies and Communication from Temple University and serves as a member of the Manchester Arts Commission in Manchester, New Hampshire. To view more of M’s artwork and teaching anthology visit

TAP Work:

“Throughout the TAP trainings, I expanded my knowledge on how to articulate my craft which focused the changes being implemented within my company. I am the director of craftsmen and founder of BLKSHE. BLKSHE is a multidisciplinary art haus constructing narratives of creative freedom with no bounds. Our studios advocate for creativity in all mediums. Embracing new ideas and visions BLKSHE produces art, creative content, and facilitates creative engagement events. During my time at TAP, I was able to further develop my non-profit’s – Kamara Foundation – 603 youth arts education program, my companies offerings and ideologies, and make connections within my cohort expanding my community. Working as an artist, creative consultant, and teaching artist I feel TAP has been a great help in realigning my path of entrepreneurship.”

MHB 47_30”x40”_2019

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“Forget perfection. Perfection is not going to help anything. How can we contribute even after a mistake?” OR Is cereal a soup? Why or why not?

Find out more about M here:

  • Orientation: The Voice of The Youth (Public Art Exhibition):


Thank you so much! I appreciate having been a part of this training and joining this community. I am excited to apply all that I have learned to new projects and opportunities.