LP Kindred, Writer


LP Kindred is a Chicagoan-Angeleno writer and editor of Specualrive Fiction from the axis of Black and Gay Identities. His creative thematic explores belonging in contexts of community, culture, cuisine, social contract citizenship. Kindred is a cocoa-founder of Voodoonauts – a grassroots collective committed to addressing the isolation and under-representation of Black Creatives in Speculative Fiction. When not organizing, procrastiwriting, or inhaling food, LP is sleep. Kindred’s fiction can be found in Fiyah Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction, LeVar Burton Reads, Speculative City, Escape Pod, and the inaugural volume of Queer Blades anthology.. LP is or will be an alum of workshops by Hurston-Wright, VONA, and Clarion Foundations. You can find him on InfluFilter and That Damned Bird App @LPKindred

TAP Work:

“I’ve gotten a chance to explore what it means to be in community with other creatives who teach. TAP has given me a cohort learn from and advise as opportunities and challenges arise.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“It was pretty magical with the Patternists found their footing and finally coalesced as a unit.”

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