Keyonnia Hallums, Social Entrepreneur


Keyonnia Hallums founded ETIER, not just a sustainable apparel production facility but also teaches job, life and entrepreneurial skills. Shifting individuals from consumers to creators in the fashion industry. Her passion to create her own space in sustainable fashion started as a fashion designer teaching Youths in the Non Profit Organizations, how to turn “sewing” into a business and not just a hobby.

She began wanting to expand her horizons, becoming a certified DOE Vendor and MWBE certified business. Teaching Sustainable Fashion workshops to educational facilities like GED Programs, High Schools, Juvenile Centers and more. She has collaborated with other businesses to create PPE Products, Apparel Designs, and other Sustainable products! Her goal is to make sure her business remains a community collaborative, working closely with community-based organizations to encourage individuals about entrepreneurship!

TAP Work:

“I was able to facilitate one of my sustainable workshops with the TAP Community and inside Katie Rainey’s High School class. Great, way to test out workshops.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“Seeing all the members show of their items on ZOOM.”

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