Kenya Lewis, Multidisciplinary Artist


Kenya is a performing artist, writer and choreographer. She creates work that reflects social justice efforts and her personal communities. She will have a BFA and Master’s from The New School in Drama and Entrepreneurship/Arts Management in May 2022; As well as a minor in Ethnicity and Race. She’s a member of ViBe Company, where she creates original pieces alongside a group of other Black women about their lives, and battles they face in their bodies. She acted in her school’s Creative Cafe play festival 2018. She assistant directed Ursa Minor, The New School 2019.

TAP Work:

“I’ve learned a lot about how to shape activities around different topics and groups of kids I’ve made great connections and learned immensely from my fellow TAP peers; whether that be through their own practices or an idea they have about a certain topic.”

Most Memorable TAP Moment:

“My favorite moment was during a session Jay was facilitating where we were listening to everyone talk about their teaching style as a childhood game. I just felt like I learned so much about everyone, through that little offering.”

“About a Story”

This is a story of..

A fall from grace

A missing space

A missing spot

A rethought

A reposition,

stolen decisions

Bluest eye




This is a story of..

Burnt textbooks

Abandoned peace for a left hook

Pay bills for a play book,

This is a story of comprehension

A connect the dot game

New understandings of last names

A Found matrix


Back to the basics

Stripped naked

by all the

Conferences with the mirror,

And the skin,

The bones from the dirt

That built everything around me

That found me

And others like me

Time and time again.

This is a story of the call to action

unconditional passion

Communal ancestral reaction

This is not a story of anger!

This is not a story of anger!

But This is a story of the alarm clock.

The same one that woke the rhythm and blues.