Justin X. Molina, Public Figure


A flamingo in a world full of pigeons

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Justin always endured a love for theatre, pop culture, fashion, and self-expression. With idolizing icons such as Joan Rivers, RuPaul, and Wendy Williams, Justin knew since his diaper days that he would one day see his name in lights.

At the age of 19, Justin worked for Lala Anthony as her personal assistant and starred on her VH1 hit reality show, Lalas Full Court Life. Shortly after that, Justin made his way into the fashion and entertainment industry. Not just like a celebrity wardrobe stylist (working with Elle Varner, Buster Skrine, Elliot Knight, and Bibi Bourelly, to name a few), but also working at the shows during NYFW and co-hosting the CBS RADIO podcast, So Chic w/ Arzo Anwar.

After realizing that his wit, charm, and eccentric personality is what always got Justin his various opportunities, he reached out to his high school theatre program, Opening Act, for some career/professional development. Not only did the Opening Act hire Justin as their first teaching artist, who was once a student at their program, but they also gave him the scholarship to attend TAP. This scholarship not only gave him the teaching abilities to share his knowledge and experience but most certainly birthed an epiphany as to how he can merge all his industry experience into one.

TAP Work:

“If I were a shape, I would be a star!” is most definitely Justin’s top five most memorable slogans during the 2019-2020 program. At the very beginning of the program, Justin had little to no experience at all as a teaching artist. He started with only two months of experience with being a TA with Opening Act and has now blossomed into a full-blown role model to students not only in the LGBTQ community but for those who have an interest in more than one field of work.

Between the webinars assigned as a graduation requirement, the lessons endured from TAP, and his alumni TA role with Opening Act (which offered him master classes within the world of the theatre), Justin has a clear understanding of what to expect as a TA. And how he can fully utilize his knowledge and bring out the best self in every one of his students.

Amid the 2020 Corona pandemic, which didn’t allow him to engage with students as much as he had hoped for plus, & the ending to his year-long role with Opening Act, Justin continues to use his platform as a Public Figure. He is truly making his dream into reality.

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