Is Cereal a soup?


TAP has been in the kitchen cooking up ways to be a teaching artist. We have all these different people coming together to stew some beautiful change. We have been reflecting on the ingredients behind our artistry.

On Friday, October 22nd, the new TAP Team hosted Opening Night of the TAP 2021 Fall Session! 21 artists are taking part in this fall session, a mix of multidisciplinary artists from all over the country. During Opening Night, participants were introduced to the new TAP Team, their new care teams (smaller groups of participants within the larger group that are accountable to each other), and played community building games to get to know each other better. The next morning, TAP truly got underway with Workshop 1, in which the group focused on community building and exploring their own creative elements to bring into the classroom.

“My favorite moment was sharing work in our care teams. I’m grateful to build character and skill with individuals that can inspire me. It made us comfortable to express what we can improve in our craft.”

Two weeks later, the group reconvened for Workshop 2, in which they explored power and privilege in their teaching artistry. We also reflected on a very important question. Is cereal a soup? We know TAP is a soup. Something like an alphabet three cheese chili. And now for our trainee answers in poetic form:

Um.. I guess my cereal can be a soup, because I eat it warm

No it’s not. To me, a soup consists of a broth of some sort or thick substance even.

Cereal is milk and cereal product.

Cereal is not soup for me because there is no cooking involves in it.

No. Cereal is cereal.

The ingredients for cereal and soup are completely different.

hah no-because it’s breakfast friendly

I don’t think cereal is soup.

Soup isn’t merely two ingredients, one of which being a liquid, combined.

Soup is a dish of provisions, broth and seasoning allowed to simmer

until their flavors are melded even if it is ultimately served cold

the ingredients and season have been allowed to “marry” each other.

no. no breakfast soup

Cereal is a grain salad but with milk

Stay tuned for more about dynamic group as they move through the program!

The TAP Team